Kurt Bjorling

Clarinetist Kurt Bjorling, who also performs on basset-horn,
bass clarinet, 'tsimbl,' saxophone, and accordion,
is noted for a penetrating understanding of 'klezmer' music.

Kurt Bjorling is the music director of the
Chicago Klezmer Ensemble, founded in 1984.
He has also toured and recorded with the Klezmatics (New York) and violinist Itzhak
Perlman, and since 1992 he has been a
member of Brave Old World.

He has composed pieces for orchestra and
soloists: "Suite of Yiddish Music," commis-
sioned in December 1991 by the Concordia
Chamber Symphony at New York's Lincoln
Center, "Concertino on Klezmer Music
Themes" commissioned by the Huntington
Symphony with members of the Cincinnati
Klezmer Project and "Barditshever Fantaziye"
for clarinet and chamber orchestra, premiered
by the Amsterdam Sinfonietta in November, 2003.

Kurt has taught music at the annual Yiddish Folk Arts Program sponsored by the YIVO Institute and
Living Traditions, at the Multicultural Folk Arts Center's klezmer music camp at Buffalo Gap, West
Virginia, and at numerous European, American and Canadian festivals and workshops including the
annual Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow, Poland, the Jüddishe Kulturtage in Berlin, Ashkenaz Festival
of New Yiddish Culture (Toronto), KlezmerWochen Weimar, (Germany) and 'KlezFest,' London.

Kurt studied clarinet with Lloyd Scott, and with Larry Combs at Northwestern University.

In addition to his involvement with Yiddish music, he has been active playing jazz, chamber music
and various styles of ethnic folk music, as well as arranging and performing music for theater.

photos:  top row:  A.Bjorling; Bill Burlingham;  A.Kramarz; B.Burlingham; Siegwart
main photo by Andrzej Kramarz, Krakow, Poland

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